About OSHO

OSHO is a contemporary mystic who defies categorization, reflecting everything, from the individual quest for meaning, to the most urgent social and political issues facing society today.

He has a stated aim to create the conditions for the birth of a new kind of human being, “Zorba the Buddha” – one whose feet are firmly on the ground, yet whose hands can touch the stars.

His vision embraces both the timeless wisdom of the East and the highest potential of Western science and technology.

OSHO is synonymous with a revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation and an approach to meditation which specifically addresses the accelerated pace of contemporary life.

The unique OSHO Active Meditations & Meditative Therapies are designed to allow the release of accumulated stress in the body and mind so that it is easier to be still and experience a relax state of meditation and inner harmony.


Never Born – Never Died
Only visited this planet earth between
December 11, 1931 – January 19, 1990


“I would simply like to be forgiven and forgotten. There is no need to remember me. The need is to remember yourself! People have remembered Gautam Buddha and Jesus Christ and Confucius and Krishna. That does not help. So what I would like: forget me completely, and forgive me too-because it will be difficult to forget me. That’s why i am asking you to forgive me for giving you the trouble. Remember yourself.”

“My finger can point the moon, but my finger is not the moon. You don’t have to become my finger, nor do you have to worship my finger. You have to forget my finger, and look at where it is pointing.”

“I am not interested in creating beliefs in you and I am not interested in giving you any kind of ideology. My whole effort here is – as it has always been of all the buddhas since the beginnings of time – to provoke truth in you. I know it is already there; it just needs a synchronicity. It just needs something to trigger the process of recognition in you.”

“I have never been spiritual in the sense that you understand the word. I have never gone to the temples or the churches, or read scriptures, or followed certain practices to find truth, or worshipped God or prayed to God. That has not been my way at all. So certainly you can say that I was not doing anything spiritual. But to me spirituality has a totally different connotation. It needs an honest individuality. It does not allow any kind of dependence. It creates a freedom for itself, whatever the cost. It is never in the crowd but alone, because the crowd has never found any truth. The truth has been found only in people’s aloneness.”

“I am not a philosopher, I am not a systematizer; I am absolutely anarchistic, as anarchistic as life itself. I dont believe in systems. I am a nonsystematic, anarchistic flow; I am not even a person, just a process. I dont know what I said to you yesterday, and the person who said it is not here to answer; he is gone. I am here, and I am answerable only for this moment. So don’t wait for tomorrow because I will not be here. And who is going to make consistency, who is going to find a thread that is not contradictory? There is nobody. And I would like you to be the same.”

“I can only indicate. I am a finger pointing to the moon.”