Activities in the center

The OSHO Afroz Meditation Center offers a variety of meditations for every type of person, including methods that are active and passive, traditional and revolutionary, and in particular, the OSHO Active MeditationsTM.

You’ll also find various exciting events, classes, meditations & mini courses. These events include Capoeira, Qi Gong, Yoga, awareness intensive evening events, dance, pottery, painting & body painting, various music events, a mini-session fair, or silent dark night star gazing at the bar.  These events depend on what YOU want to share with us. We are open to your suggestions.

Daily Schedule

Our daily meditation timetable

07:00 – 08:00 OSHO Dynamic Meditation
A five-stage meditation consisting of deep breathing, catharsis, grounding and centering, silence, and celebration.

09:00 Osho Audio Talk

10:30 – 11:30 OSHO Vipassana Meditation
A silent witnessing

12:30 – 13:30  Mid-Day Meditation
(selection from OSHO Active Meditations)
This active three-stage centering meditation is based on Sufi techniques, further developed and expanded by Osho.

17:30 – 18:30 OSHO Kundalini Meditation
A four-stage meditation including vigorous shaking of the body, celebrative dance, and silent witnessing.

19:00 OSHO Evening Meeting Meditation
High-energy dance followed by sitting with intermittent music, and continuing with an Osho video.

21:30 Surprise Meditation
A different meditation each day or meditative events, dance celebrations and more…

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The above meditations constitute the main activity of the center. Courses and individual sessions, beautiful nights at the bar or chatting around the tables, the buildings and the people are all there and they exist in order to create the necessary environment so that you can participate totally and deepen in your meditation. It is therefore self-evident that whoever does not wish or feel like taking part in the daily celebration of meditations has absolutely no reason of being in the center.


Individual Sessions

Deep-diving in your personal space

A series of individual sessions are provided by qualified session givers that have been tested and evaluated for their practice in specially arranged areas of the center. 
These can last from half-an-hour to two-and-a-half hours and are available at different starting times throughout the day, in a wide variety of subjects.
Several individual sessions are available under the subjects of Bodywork, Meditation, Mind-Emotions, Life Issues.

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Meditative Agricultural Activities

Enjoy our beautiful local nature

OSHO Afroz has a nice garden next to the dining area, where you can take care of our plants and trees, collect fruits and make vrasma (syrup) from our tasty figs.
The property is filled with amazing olive trees. Besides eating, we also collect the fruits to produce our very own olive oil.
We use organic fertilizers, no pesticides and all work is done by hand from meditators.
This connection with nature creates a special energy for the meditators and has a positive influence on the quality of the olives and the cold pressed oil as well. This all makes the olives and the olive oil part of the so called “Slow Food” process and in general a part of meditation in Afroz.

Living in Afroz is a daily invitation for participating in being not just a visitor but being part of the place itself.