Tantra Training Part One – Liberating Sexual Energy
with Homa & Mukto
Schedule: 21 May 09 AM - 30 May 17 PM
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A first and necessary step to an integrated sexuality is to unfreeze repressed energies, to allow our impulses, to invite the new and dare to take risks.

In our groups we create an environment of love and awareness in which this liberation can happen without becoming hurtful or destructive.

In an intense personal process we are able to touch, understand and heal old wounds.

Our heart grows in strength and acceptance as we explore sexuality, sensitivity, personal power and our capacity to love. Transformation happens when we become conscious and present.

Meditation at 7:00
Breakfast 8:15 to 10:15
Lunch 13:15 to 15:15
Meditation 17:30
Evening meeting 19:00
Dinner 20:20
Some night sessions


Homa & Mukto

Homa and Mukto are great friends with very different perceptions of life. These differences are the ...

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