5 Rhythms® Movement Meditation – The Body is my Temple
with Rani
Schedule: 20 Jul 10 AM - 24 Jul 14 PM
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5 Rhythms® Movement Meditation


„Begin the feeling of wonder with your own body, because that is the closest to you. The closest nature has approached to you, the closest the divine has come to you, is through the body. In your body is the water of the oceans, in your body is the fire of the stars and the suns, in your body is the air, your body is made of earth. Your body represents the whole existence, all the elements. And what a transformation! What a metamorphosis! Look at the earth and then look at your body – what a transformation, and you have never marveled about it! Dust has become divine; what greater mystery is possible? What greater miracles are you waiting for? And you see the miracle happening every day.“ OSHO 


On this workshop we are:

»moving to become fluid and fully alive in our sensuous body.

» experiencing our physical heart space to expand into the love atmosphere and rejoice in all its expressions

» surrendering the mind to our feet and let the intuiton guide us in the mystery

» allowing the body to be danced by our soul’s longing and to give in to crativity and transformation

» honoring the spirit with our presence and breath and welcome all the elements and healing    forces

Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms®  map will serve us as a vehicle to get access to our Body’s guiding wisdom to it’s hidden treasures and gifts, yet to be revealed; using an embodied language of movement and dance.

All workshop hours contribute to the 5R teacher training prerequisites.

When: July 20 – 24th 2020, every day 10.00am – 2pm

5Rhythms® is a creative movement and dance meditation developed by Gabrielle Roth. Collectively, the five universal qualities of being – flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness – create a wave of energy that allows us to get in touch with our bodies and innermost feelings. It is one way to become aware of our body, heart, mind, soul and breath – to feel alive. Movement by movement we connect with the wisdom of our bodies and unleash creativity and healing power, regardless of our age, shape, gender, or physical endurance level.

We move through the 5Rhyhtms alone, in partners, in community, often with music from various genres and sometimes also without any music.


About the Facilitator


Alexa Rani Schmid fell in love with 5 Rhythms® Movement Meditation practice on first step in 1999. She was authorized to facilitate by the founder Gabrielle Roth in 2005 Waves and 2010 Heartbeat level. She is a Pedagogue and also trained as a Counselor for Integrated Body Psychotherapy (IKP® Zurich), facilitator for Systemic Rituals®, the Skinner Releasing Technique™,  a certified FSTU® practioner and compleated the Organic Intelligence® HEARTraining® in Istanbul. And also trained in the Osho Meditative Therapies Born Again, Reminding Yourself Of The Forgotten Language To Talking To Your Body-Mind and  No Mind. She continues to study different movement, healing and meditation techniques. She is a mother to an adult daughter and currently based in Istanbul.


“Alexa Rani is a graceful, gentle and strongly grounded facilitator who brings a deeply intuitive sense of the rhythms of life to her teaching and practice. She embodies the kind of magic that makes it safe for participants to explore their own darkest caves and re-emerge with a renewed sense of connection to others, and the world at large – perhaps even carrying a firefly or two!Hers is the kind of nourishment we most dearly need — good for our bodies, good for our souls, and good for the communities we are a part of.”

Testimonial by Pelin Turgut, writer and story-teller

Timetable: 10am-2pm



Rani Alexa Schmid is teaching both the Wave and Heartbeat levels of the 5Rhythms® Movement Meditati...

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