Deep into the Rhythms – Voyages to the Heart
with Gramya
Schedule: 30 Aug 10 AM - 03 Sep 14 PM
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5rhythms is a dance meditation practice, designed to give us tools to explore our individual relationship to life’s energies.

Flowing, the energy of the earth, the roots, receptivity and trust.

Staccato, the energy of action, clarity and passion.

Chaos, the energy of water, dissolving and letting go.

Lyrical, the energy of the air, of creativity and being artistic,

and Stillness, the energy of being present with who we are.

As we dance through the five rhythms it becomes easy to discover how we relate to and express these energies on the dance and in our lives.

“The body doesn’t lie” (Gabrielle Roth) – our bodies don’t have an image to maintain and therefore can reveal and guide us to the gateways of our full aliveness.

In this workshop, we will explore the edges of our meetings with the world.

Are we active? Inactive? Are we gentle and carful or do we get easily tense? which meetings are safe, and which are unsafe?

Do we know how to listen to our heart, or do we override its whispers? Can we be relaxed and clear, or do we fall into aggression?

None of us is perfect, all of us can learn, as long as we can hold on to those beliefs, we will provide change, the best conditions to accrue.

Meeting of hearts has a powerful energy, come explore with us.

10:00 – 14:00



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