Hara – Living from your Center
with Vira Drotbohm, Rachana Wolff
Schedule: 20 Aug 10 AM - 21 Aug 17 PM
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Hara – Living from your Center.


This workshop will help you to create an attention into an energy point the Japanese people call Hara. If we are connected here, we feel deeply centered, relaxed, clear in our intuition and we can act and communicate with more ease. It is also described as our inner mystical home. To learn to live from Hara will help you tremendously; especially in times of change when life feels shaky. All the technics are designed to bring a center into our everyday life, into our relationships, workfield and our general choices. Learning to see the signs when we are not in our center as well to develop our capacity to sit in it.

Osho:“ “Concentrate the energy on the Hara, the point two inches below the navel. That is the center from where one enters life and that is the center from where one dies and goes out of life. So that is the contact center between the body and the soul. If you feel a sort of wavering left and right and you don’t know where your center is, that simply shows that you are no longer in contact with your Hara, so you have to create that contact.”


10am – 1.30 pm, and 3.15 – 5 pm


Vira Drotbohm

Trained in ARUN Conscious Touch, Ayurveda, Thai Yoga Massage, Vinyasa...

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Rachana Wolff

Trained in Dance & Body-Mind balancing technics.

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