Meditative Olive Picking
with OSHO Afroz Team
Schedule: 01 Oct 09 AM - 13 Oct 17 PM
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Afroz has its own olive trees. Each year we collect them for eating and to make olive oil. We use organic fertilizers and no pesticides. The work is all done by hand from meditators. The connection with nature creates a special energy for the meditators and has a positive influence on the quality of the olives and the cold pressed oil as well. This all makes the olives and the olive oil part of the so called “Slow Food” process and in general a part of meditation in Afroz.

There is no fixed schedule for the olive picking – we’ll work during the day.


OSHO Afroz Team

The Afroz Team is part of the Work as Mediation Program (WAM). The WAM is for anyo...

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