OSHO Afroz Summer Festival
with OSHO Afroz Team
Schedule: 01 Aug 09 AM - 05 Aug 17 PM
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The OSHO Afroz Summer Festival happens every year in late August in OSHO Afroz Meditation Center on the beautiful Island of Lesvos in sunny Greece and everyone is invited.

It is gathering of the friends of OSHO and of whoever feels like joining the celebrations.

An unforgettable five days adventure in which during the 5 days you can be enriched and have life changing experiences through meditations, workshops, morning classes, dance and movement, creativity and art – and of course a swim at the beach nearby.

Everyone Welcome!!!


OSHO Afroz Team

The Afroz Team is part of the Work as Mediation Program (WAM). The WAM is for anyo...

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