Revival – Somatic Breath Work
with Pushan, Shama
Schedule: 26 Jul 10 AM - 30 Jul 17 PM
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With Shama & Pushan
Experience the Magic of Breath Work, Boost Your Energy, Create Emotional Freedom and a Deeper Connection with Your Authentic Divine Self !

Revival workshop is a Journey into wholeness for those who want to experience deep emotional and physical relaxation, joy and rejuvenation. This workshop is uniquely designed to provide a safe, joyous space where you can re-connect with the forgotten language of your body and release restored physical, emotional and mental tension to create more harmony and aliveness within. In this 5 days workshop we will use the combination of breath work, conscious movement, bioenergetics and some other somatic therapy methods to break through the many layers of body armouring to shift the blocks preventing you to live fully with vitality and joy.

Our aim is to create unique space for you to be inspired and encouraged to move beyond the limits of conditioning, and step into a new way of being with a lightness that comes from unburdening oneself, bringing more awareness, ease, laughter and free expression to your lives.

In this workshop you will be invited to create an experiential process where you are able to construct a visceral, healing experience that allows you to examine hidden dynamics, re-set the broken bonds, create new positive images with new sensations that take root in the body and mind.

Transomatic Breath is an effective tool that allows deep integration to your body, resetting traumas and creating a state of inner piece, harmony and balance. It allows you to let go of stuck emotions and gain a sense of freedom as well as cultivates a deeper connection with yourself and others.

Release stress, negativity and anxiety
Enhance your ability to express your feelings
Gain direction in life by deepening your connection with your authentic self
Bring your body into a state of inner peace, harmony and balance
Open up your senses in all dimensions
Exchange feelings of depression and hopelessness for inner peace and freedom
Enhance your ability to express your feelings and release blocks to intimacy
We all deserve to be taken care of, receive loving support and to take a little time to nourish ourselves in every possible way to regain our power back to achieve our goals in life, feeling healthy, alive, joyous and be creative in our lives again!

Timetable: 10am – 5pm and some night sessions.



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