Transformational Development Training
with Anekant
Schedule: 09 Sep 10 AM - 13 Sep 17 PM
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Continuing training for therapists who want to upgrade their skills.

This will be a rich and useful learning experience that will give you many effective ways of working with clients. In this training you will learn some fundamental approaches that will improve your practice at an advanced level. You will learn how to create, use and develop Anecdotes and Metaphors in ways that will support your client’s transformation. This can then be used as a basis, in the future, for developing therapeutic story telling. You will also learn and become familiar with the Navigation Tool. This is a structure that allows you flexibility with whatever state or problem that your client brings. Having flexibility is one of the fundamental principles that allows you to support a client, who has lost their own flexibility within their problem context. Finally: we will learn how to use the Metamodel Language Patterns as a way to understand and  de-structure a client’s problem, as well as using them to install resources, solutions and healing directions. And over and above all this we will learn not to take any of it too seriously.

Timetable: 10am – 5pm



Anekant is a bodyworker and therapist. His unique style is very pragmatic and is aimed at supporting...

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