Twice Born Tantra – Sexual Deconditioning
with Premartha & Svarup
Schedule: 12 Jul 07 AM - 17 Jul 22 PM
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Tantra Sexual Deconditioning

An eight-day workshop

As children, our nature was sensuous. But already then, we had to learn to tense up and control our impulses, to become afraid and embarrassed about them.
As adolescence started, the awakening of sexuality was a great challenge for us. With mostly no guidance, suppressed by the judgments and fears we had inherited about our bodies, we had to manage somehow to deal with our newly awakened energy, our attraction and our excitement.

As adults, we keep on being affected by the consequences of our past lack of support. We try as best as we can to enjoy our sexuality, to create intimacy with others, and yet, in our meetings, we keep on experiencing in different degrees a sense of inadequacy and shame, and a split between our sexuality and our heart.

To find back the totality of our sensuousness and sexuality, we need to clear out the issues of the past, so that we can start fresh from where we lost touch with ourselves.

In a loving and meditative surrounding, we need to re-learn to honour our body as the living temple of our being and to recognize that same quality in others, too.
Through finding back the pleasure of body contact and energy-exchange with others, will come the relaxation of sharing our natural sensuality with ourselves, with others and with life.

To be able to participate in this group, you need to have attended a Primal group.


7-8am OSHO Dynamic Meditation
8-9am Breakfast
10am-12pm: Morning Session
12-12.30pm Break
12.30-1.30pm: Morning Session (Primal has earlier lunch. )
1.30-3pm: Lunch
3pm-5pm: Afternoon Session
5.30-6.30pm: OSHO Kundalini Meditation
7-8.15pm: Evening Meeting Meditation
8.20-9.15pm: Dinner
9.15-10.30pm: Evening Session


Premartha & Svarup

PREMARTHA and SVARUP are lovers, friends and partners. They have been working together around Osho ...

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