Who is In? Awareness Intensive
with Nirdosh
Schedule: 06 Jul 18 PM - 09 Jul 16 PM
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Who is in? Awareness Intensive is a 3-day Zen meditation retreat based on the practice of Life Koans.

The Awareness Intensive is one of the most powerful journeys of awakening and centering in the present moment and in one´s own truth, allowing us to have a direct experience of the inner Being as part of the great Whole. It is an individual exploration and a direct meeting with your-self moment to moment, guiding you to a moment of Awakening or No-Mind.

The Koans Who am I? or Who is in? are core questions for every human being. A Koan has no right or wrong answer and the process of looking for an answer allows us to have a direct experience of the Koan itself (of who we really are beyond the mind, body and emotions). It is a realization or so-called awakening experience. No intellectual answer or explanation can solve a Koan. A Koan is a path that can take you from the confusion of the personality to the peak of clarity where all problems disappear.

During these 3 days, we will enter in a specific structure that allows us to discover what is holding us back from being ourselves and living in harmony with what simply is.

To help the process there will be active meditations, personal feedback, helpful insights from Osho and other teachers, and moments for rest and integration. The process is done in silence and isolation from the outside world in order to dive with totality into the inquiry of the koan, speaking is used only working with the Koans during the group sessions.

Nirdosh meets with each participant throughout the retreat to give individual support in the course of their personal journey.

Why participate in an Awareness Intensive?

In our modern lifestyle we rarely take enough time and space for ourselves, we are almost totally absorbed in our day to day matters, focused mostly on what could have been different in the past and all we need to achieve in the future. Even when we meditate we mostly achieve a space of relaxation. The fact that in this retreat we retire for a few days away from our daily environment, living in silence, disconnected from the world, gives a perfect opportunity to come out of our normal life habits and go deeper into our personal exploration, relax and realign with our truth in this moment in life.

We all have a fundamental need to come closer to our truth, to own it and to finally relax into it by simply being who we really are – a unique individual without any pretention and without any guilt.
The structure and container that is created in this retreat are designed specifically to help you go beyond all projections, justifications, ideals, fears and unconscious pretentions and have the opportunity to experience yourself in essence, to know who you really are!

More about Koans:

The Koan practice comes from the Zen Soto tradition. A Koan is a dynamic quest leading to your existential truth. It is a strategy to practice attention and presence to gain access to reality.

The realization of a Koan is a moment of initiation, a moment of total presence, a moment of grace, which is called ‘Satori’ in the Zen tradition.

Sustained practice invites such a moment of inner union but cannot force it – it can only be invited and cultivated.

The active Koan practice implies communication and listening, alone/and with others: although there is no dialogue nor relation with the other participants – in turns, during the active Koan practice, each person becomes a silent witness for the other – a powerful support to sustain you through the whole process.

More information at:info@oshoafroz.com

6th July, people should already be in their rooms/huts settled by 6:00pm
The group will start at 9:00pm in the group room.
It is a 24 hour process and we finish on the 9th July at around 4:30pm



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